Edwin Teaching & Learning

Edwin Teaching and Learning is a Learning Management System developed by Thinkgate and offered by the State of Massachusetts as a pilot. For RTTT Districts the free pilot will last until Spring 2015. For more information on Edwin go to the DESE website.

Edwin can be thought of as two sides of the same coin. On one side is the Edwin Analytics which is the states data warehouse and the other side of the coin is Edwin Teaching and Learning which is the LMS similar to Moodle and Blackboard. It provides a space for teacher created curriculum units as well as the Model Curriculum Units (MCU’s) developed by teachers for the state. Edwin can also be used as an assessment tool as well. All of the released MCAS test questions are pre-loaded for use in their assessment tool. Students can take the assessment online or the teacher can print out a paper copy.

YouTube Video Webinars on Edwin Teaching and Learning

Students cannot possibly learn everything of value by the time they leave school, but we can instill in them the desire to keep questioning throughout their lives. – Grant Wiggins

Model Curriculum Units (MCU’s)

The model curriculum units provided by the state and available though Edwin Teaching and Learning were developed using Grant-Wiggins Understanding by Design (UbD) model. For more information check out the design template at grantwiggins.org.


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