Collaborate with Twitter & Yammer

Twitter and Yammer are social networking web applications which allow members to share information. Both applications use hashtags (#) to allow people to search for a particular topic or conversation. For instance the hashtag #edchat is used by educators to tag their conversation so others can easily find, follow, and participate. Without the hashtag it would be impossible to find what you are looking for among the 60 million tweets per day. Another symbol used is called a mention (@). If you want to mention another user in a tweet you would use the @ symbol before their username. Mentioning someone in a tweet will look like this @mikegrantjr and will notify the user that they were mentioned in a tweet.

Yammer is a similar application only it is intended for internal use. Members of a company or school with the same email address can register and have a twitter like experience with the safety and security of knowing who you are yammering with. The yammer web user interface is more facebook-like than twitter, which may be a bit confusing for those who tweet a lot.

I have recently realized the power of twitter and the ability to find and share relevant information on topics that interest me. I will give yammer a try and see how it work out. The only problem with yammer? You need to have other members of you school or business to be yammer users. Otherwise you are yammering to yourself.

Both twitter and yammer have mobile apps for ios and android. For more information on how to use twitter you can go to their support page.


One thought on “Collaborate with Twitter & Yammer

  1. mmmmm…I’m always “yammering” to myself…this would be a change! 🙂
    Lisa Frackleton
    Sargent School

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