Group Texts in the Classroom

Communicate with students and parents in a safe environment. Remind101 allows a teachers to set up a class and invite students and parents to text the system in order to add their numbers. Remind101 hides all numbers from teacher and students. The teacher can only send a group message, individual messages are not allowed. Some schools use the system to remind students of upcoming events, making sure students show up to school on time, and changes in a homework assignment. For teachers who are using the flipped classroom model this could prove to be a very valuable tool.

Some of the features from remind101 are:

  • Safety – teachers never see students phone number and visa versa, preserving privacy and ensuring safety;
  • Accessibility – students and parents use mobile phones or emails to receive messages from their teachers, without the need for a smartphone;
  • One-to-many – messages go to the entire class, and students and parents can’t reply, saving teachers from having to manage another inbox;
  • Audit trail – a log of all sent messages is kept if needed for any administration or audit needs.

I could see this as a powerful tool for an alternative program with a small group of students. The director could use Remind101 to send out reminders about getting to school on time, or to let them know if school is cancelled at the last minute because of snow. I tried it myself and it is very easy to use. The best part of Remind101? It’s FREE.

Update…. Just realized there is also a handy iPhone app that lets you quickly send a text to your entire group. I tried it out and it is very easy to setup.


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